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Dream Bike  | A documentary about making a Festka Rover custom bike (ENG, CZ and IT subtitles).
Bohemian Cyclist

Dream Bike | A documentary about making a Festka Rover custom bike (ENG, CZ and IT subtitles).

This documentary is about what it takes to make a custom bike from beginning to end. This is my first custom bike and as a film maker I wanted to share this experience with you because I think it very interesting. The bike I chose is a Festka Rover, a gravel bike which is also a very performing road bike making it a perfect hybrid which is exactly what I was looking for. I found a few bikes on the market that could fullfill my needs. The reason why I decided to make a Festka in particular is not only that it is made in my home town, that is just by chance. The true reason is that when doing my research I found out that it has some unique characteristics that resonate with my philosphy. I am talking about the fact that the japanese carbon that they use doesn't deteriorate so it is a bike that can last forever and also about the fact that making a Festka produces zero waste. So it made me think that although Festka is a premium brand, so it ain't cheap, in the long term it is a good and sustainable investment. And it is dream bike. It looks and ride great. About me: Since 2010 I have dedicated my life to cycling trying to spread the passion for this great activity. I founded a bike company, I make videos, write articles for bike magazines, design bike related t-shirts and I produce contents for those who apreciate my job and would like to work with me. So if you want to get in touch, you can find me at Lemon Communication: https://www.lemoncreativity.com/ About the bike: You can see Festka Rover in details here: https://festka.com/rover Credits: A Lemon Creativity production (https://www.lemoncreativity.com/) Directed and written by Filippo Mari (aka Bohemian Cyclist) Camera and editing by Tobias Lobkowicz Post production by Filippo Mari and Tobias Lobkowicz Assistant Krystof Lobkowicz Big thanks to all the Festka team for being so nice and allow me to make this documentary. In particular Michal, Yahor, Tom and Venca. Big thanks to Endura and in particular Vladimir Cervicek for supoorting my adventures with their amazing gear. And of course a big thanks to my team @lemoncreativity for the hard work. Toby (camera and editing), Krystof for assisiting us on the road. This is the amazing book by Robert Penn which I loved and I recommend: https://www.amazon.com/Its-All-About-Bike-Happiness/dp/1608195759
Wim Hof Method Step by Step Documentary
Bohemian Cyclist

Wim Hof Method Step by Step Documentary

This is a dcoumentary about how I implemented the Wim Hof method step by step. I am bike guide. Our first advanced bike holidays start in May and they are tough rides including, for instance, Grossglockner and Stelvio passes. Very often our clients come from warm places like California or Australia. There, they can train all winter long and they come very prepared to the starting line. So I really need to train in winter but I find it very difficult. I really struggle cycling in the cold. After just an hour, my hands and feet would go numb and I would often get sick. Finally I found a way to get stronger thanks to the Wim Hof method. Here is how I implement it: - Breathing - Outdoor meditation - Hands and feet exposure in ice water - Bare-chested running or hiking - Full body immersions in ice water - Wearing a layer less of clothes for some time during the day So thanks to this I became friend with the cold. I enjoy training in winter much more now. Maybe my body is just a little bit stronger than when I started but for sure my mind has made a giant leap toward acceptance of cold. Here the full article: https://blog.bikoadventures.com/lifes... Useful links appeared in the video: Bike Holidays Video: https://goo.gl/TCcyTB The Tools of Titans by Tim Ferris: https://goo.gl/EsDxtj The Way of the Iceman by Wim Hof: https://goo.gl/UATygo What Doesn’t Kill Us by Scott Carnie: https://goo.gl/TVWLtW Emma Estrela Corrie WHM instructor (UK): https://goo.gl/vD2EpF Tereza Kramerova WHM instructor (Czechia): https://goo.gl/YShxiV Wim Hof official website: https://www.wimhofmethod.com/ BIKO Adventures: https://www.bikoadventures.com/ This video has the only purpose to inspire people. It is based on my physical conditions and perceptions. I strongly recommend to sign up for an official WHM workshop or do an online one. Also, have a talk with your Doc before jumping in ice water. Directed and produced by Filippo Mari Camera and editing Tobias Lobkowicz If you like our videos and would like to cooperate with us, you can find us here at Lemon Communication:www.lemoncreativity.com

Shields Valley Ranchers

We helped the ranchers to create a cooking channel. Bringing the same meat that ranchers eat to your table.
Beef raised with care, compassion, and sustainable practice by local ranchers in the great state of Montana

Czechia Around

Czechia Around is a free website that makes bike touring easier. We make for them official info videos of the stages so clients can get an idea of what is awaiting them.

The Bohemian Cyclist

The Bohemian Cyclist is our art director's project. Filippo goes around with his bike in search of the best cycling stories. And to tell those stories we use two approaches. For some, we have a big production, like Dream Bike or Wim Hof documentary, and for some, we use a more simple vlogging style, like in the Bikepacking Czechia series.